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Recipe Author Date
Imitation Crab Salad Renee Stokes 2/28/2014
Maryland Crab Cakes Charles Wilt 11/12/2013
salmon on tomato and onion relish indi oxley 2/10/2010
Prawn stir fry Doreen Tierney 1/14/2010
Stew Fried Large Prawns Anna 10/4/2009
fat fish elizabeth james 6/23/2008
Apple none 4/1/2008 all purpose fish smoking brine Kurt Ploetz 3/12/2008
Garlic Salmon Patties Kristal 1/21/2008
Fried Octopus Dumplings Annonymous 1/6/2008
roasted breaded mussles Pat McCarter 10/28/2007
Salmon Sabayon with Fondue of Tomatoes and Lemon Confit Jessica 1/8/2007
Crab a-la Madeira Anita Spies 11/8/2006
Mediterranean Salmon Stir Fry Danielle Bickelmann 5/4/2006
Spicy squid Mary Rose Don Lachica 1/20/2006
Colorfull Cubes Dominique Ruiz (Nika) 1/15/2006
coch salad leslie 1/8/2006
Phil's Fish Medley Phil Sims 2/8/2005
crab dip Shelagh Hare 12/25/2002
Cheddar Salmon Quiche Debbie 2/28/2002
Tuna Melt Sandwiches jj 10/30/2001
fish cooked Alessandro Varese 6/18/2001
QUICK CLAM CHOWDER Debbie Shephard 6/14/2001
Salmon / Steelhead Patties Jeff & Katie Stratman 5/13/2001
Halibut Delight Anonymous 4/21/2001

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