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Recipe Author Date
Cooper's Semi-Spicy Black Bean/Veggie Dip Cooper Hyldahl 11/14/2013
Sauteed Bean and Pepper Soup. Katie 12/6/2011
stew beans Anonymous 3/19/2011
Green Beans with Butter Riley Marcum 11/22/2009
Goulash Sassie 11/6/2008
tucbean mari safa 10/15/2008
Apple none 4/1/2008
blackeyed bean soup or just "blackeyed soup" Nick maidlow 2/6/2007
Colorfull Cubes Dominique Ruiz (Nika) 1/15/2006
Cheesy Beans Daniel Whelan 8/18/2005
Green Beans Josh "the guy" Coots 3/3/2005
Chick Pea Curry Aysha Afridi 10/20/2004
party bean dip Renea 8/6/2003
Green Beans With a Twist! Debbie Shephard 4/5/2003
Cheesy beans with a twist Chyanne Barrasin 1/15/2003
Quick Pasta and Bean Soup Chyna Starr 12/26/2002
Baked Beans Mark Hoersten 5/2/2002
BAKED BEANS Jeanne Volkers 4/28/2002
Enchilada Casserole Claudia Whitlock 2/17/2002
Ham and Bean Soup Glenn Schultz 12/27/2001
Bean and Cheese Dip Brendan Quinlan 12/3/2001
Refried Bean Soup jj 10/24/2001
sweet country green beans tammy lott 6/24/2001
Smokey, Burger Beans Willa Martin 5/21/2001
Pepperoni Pizza Chili Debbie 2/25/2001

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