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Favorite Easy Spaghetti

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Large jar of your favorite Prego Sauce-(I use the Chunky Garden)
Olive oil
Veggies of your choice-I use onion,green pepper, mushrooms
2-3 cans of tomato paste (2 cans if using the large Prego, or 3 cans if using the extra large jar like from Sams Club)
1 can of small chopped tomatoes-drained
Salt, garlic salt and pepper to taste
Hamburger meat (about 1 lb or as much or little as you like)
Spaghetti noodles

Directions:  Sauté your veggies in olive oil a couple of minutes till slightly softened.. leave them a bit crunchy! Cook the meat in the pot that you will use to make the sauce, add the seasonings to taste, don’t make it to salty, the sauce has lots of salt in it-drain when done Combine the veggies, meat and pour in your sauce. Add the tomato paste and drained canned tomatoes. Stir and cook till hot.. Ok to let simmer for awhile

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Submitted By: Robin
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Date Submitted: 7/19/2008 10:52:12 AM


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