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Broccoli & Macaroni(Fast & Easy)

Preparation Time: 20-30 mins
Number of Servings: 4

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Broccoli (1 bag chopped frozen or Fresh, fresh is better)
Fresh Garlic
Macaroni (I prefer angel hair)
Salt/Pepper (for flavor)
1 tbsp Olive Oil
Grated cheese of your choice (I like Romano)

Directions:  Heat olive oil in pot. Chop garlic into peices (however you prefer). Add garlic to oil & fry until brown. If using fresh broccoli chop into peices (not too small). Add broccoli and fill w/ water until broccoli is almost completely submerged. Add salt & pepper for taste (if desired). Let broccoli cook on med heat until tender. Cook pasta until tender. Put pasta in a bowl and add the broccoli and broth. Top w/ grated cheese of your choice. DO NOT mix broccoli & macaroni together if putting away. All the broth will be sucked up by the pasta.

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Submitted By: Kim Keohane of PA
Email/Web Site:
Original Source of Recipe: My Nanny Lisa Esposito
Date Submitted: 10/11/2007 3:01:51 PM


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