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Russian salad

Number of Servings: 4 people

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3-4 big potatoes (boil but make sure they are still firm)
3-4 large carrots (as above)
3-4 eggs (hard boil)
3 gerkins (jar of pickled from supermarket)
small onion (cut into small pieces)
100-150 gram mayonnaise
200 gram garden peas (small tin)
100-200 gram rump steak (boil then cut into small pieces)
teaspoon of corriander (sprinkle into finished salad)

Directions:  Once pots and carrots are ready, cut into cubes same with the boiled steak cut the eggs into cubes also cut the gerkins into small pieces. Drain the peas and mix into bowl, add all other ingredients and blend in the mayonnaise, add the corriander and stir gently.

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Submitted By: Bethany of leeds
Email/Web Site:
Original Source of Recipe: Bethany Walker
Date Submitted: 8/9/2006 9:42:40 AM


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