ioan's evil edible eyeballs(These horrifying Halloween treats are horribly healthy and scarily sweet! They even look gory when bitten into! Cool, huh?)

Number of Servings: Any amount
Calories Per Servings: very little

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Strawberries, de-stalked, as much as you like
White marzipan, as much as you like
Blue, green or red marzipan, as much as you like
Black marzipan, as much as you like
Red writing icing gel, optional

Directions:  De-stalk all your strawberries Then, cover each as thin as possible with white marzipan, but try and keep nice and round as possible Next, make a small 2D circle out of coloured marzipan and stick somewhere on your "eyeballs" one each for eye colour Now, make a smaller version of that circle to go in the centre of the colour to make the puipils IF YOU HAVE THE WRITING ICING use it to make cracks coming outwards from opposite the puipil ENJOY!!!

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Submitted By: Ioan "Big Ioan" D. John of Cardiff, Wales, UK
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Original Source of Recipe: Ioan D. John
Date Submitted: 10/20/2010 3:31:52 PM