RECIPE: Tortilla/Enchilada Soup copy cat Chilis but with a twist!(Copy Cat recipe Chilis but with a twist!)

Preparation Time: 20

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Salsa Chunky style 2/3 cup

Directions:  Put in some Chunky salsa about 2/3 Cup. I can enchilada sauce (red Mild) TSP Cumin TSP Black pepper large ground Fresh cilantro chopped about 1 handful Chicken broth, open one can and pour about 1/2 (add more as needed to keep it from getting too thick) Simmer for a while on lower heat. Add in 2 cups of chicken (cooked) and a 1/2 cup of shredded Pepper Jack Cheese NOW- Decision time: you can either add some (nacho or queso or some call it fake cheese) or More pepper jack cheese. The "fake cheese" actually gives it the Chilis look of the cheese color (hmmm maybe that is how they do it) More options: Now is a good time to add 2/3 cup of instant brown rice (or white or spanish) you will need some more Chicken broth to add (luckily you still have 1/2 can) A couple of diced Jalepenos (don't go nuts) Simmer some more... Shred 2 tortillas, and stir into the soup. That is it.... Serve it in bowls and garnish with a few tortilla chips, or those little fancy tortilla chip strips.

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Submitted By: Kurt Ploetz of OREGON
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Original Source of Recipe: The Kitchen
Date Submitted: 7/26/2010 1:28:38 PM