Sesame Molasses style Wheat Bread(Plenty of flavor not to heavy. Mixed flours add more depth.)

Preparation Time: 90 min
Number of Servings: 8
Calories Per Servings: 125
Nutrition Info: Whole grains, many vitamins, iron

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2 C. Bread Flour (King Arthur or Pillsbury)
1/4 C. Whole Wheat flour
2 T. Dark Rye flour
2 T. Oat Flour
2 T. Toasted Wheat germ
1 T. Baking powder
2 T. Oil (EV olive or sunflower)
2 tsp. Shortening
2 tsp. Dark sesame oil
1 T. Molasses
1 T. Apricot Jam
1 T. Sugar (white or brown)
1 C. water
2 pkg. Red Star Yeast
more flour for kneading
1 1/2 tsp. Salt

Directions:  Warm the oils and shortening in microwave. Warm the water, molasses, jam in microwave. Dump everything in bowl and start stirring with chopsticks for 2 min. Add a little water or flour to get a ball working. Switch to spatula. Take edge of dough and lift then stuff it down through the center. Work the edge all the way around for about 3 laps add pinches of flour to free the spatula and ball from bowl about 3-4 minutes. Pick up ball have flour in left hand. Put ball in left hand also. Take right hand and twist edge of ball and when your fingers curl up inside the ball some dough will follow. The outside of ball will be smoothing against your left palm in the flour while the right hand kneads the dough in side out. Repeat this motion briskly for 3 minutes adding flour if naecesary to stop dough from sticking to hands. After 3 min the ball will be smooth, firm and elastic. Crimp the bottom closed where the dough was going in. Drop back in bowl and let double at least 1 hour. Take dough out and have bread pan ready. Push dough out 3/4 inch thick by making dimples with fingertips. Roll up a log trapping dimples in log to add more air. Tuck ends of dough to middle and crimp, tuck, and shape a single torpedo that will fit in the pan. Roll in seeds if desired. Place torpedo in pan. Preheat oven 375 F. Let rise in the pan the second rising until 1 inch out of the pan. Split top 1/4 inch deep down the center just before baking. Bake about 25 min check with long wooden grill skewer. Cool before cutting to keep moisture from escaping and prolong freshness.

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Submitted By: William Bohannon of Memphis, TN.
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Original Source of Recipe: William Bohannon
Date Submitted: 6/18/2007 8:51:12 PM