Focaccia Flat-style(Italian pizza crust or appetizer bread with toppings served with dipping sauce on the side)

Preparation Time: 90 min
Number of Servings: 6
Calories Per Servings: 350
Nutrition Info: Zero transfat, High in calcium

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2 1/2 C. Bread flour
1/2 C. White Lilly or Italian 00 Flour
2 tsp. Kosher Salt
2 - 3 Pkg Redstar Yeast
1/4 C. Turbinado Sugar or Light brown
1/4 C. EV olive oil with roast pepper flavor if possible
1 T. Evaporated Milk
1 T. Baking powder
3/4 C. Water
Spices - fennel seed, rosemary, red pepper, toast garlic, onion chips, italian herbs
Fresh mozzarella cheese
Asiago chesse fresh grated
Provolone (unsmoked) Cheese fresh grated
1 T. Granulated Garlic powder
1 T. Dried parsley flake Crushed to dust
1 tsp. shortening

Directions:  In 7 Qt. bread bowl put bread flour, yeast, salt, garic powder, parsley,sugar and evaporated milk in center. ---Do not add baking powder yet---- Warm the oil and shortening together in microwave. Add water and oil to bowl at same time. Stir with chopsticks for 2 min. Use spatula to stuff the edge of the dough down the center repeat and rotate the bowl. Add 1/2 the White Lilly or Italian 00 flour a little at a time. Stop and sprinkle over the baking powder. Continue kneading with the spatula a few more laps but no to much till free from bowl. Pick up ball and palm twist the ball smooth with remaining flour. should just barely stick to your hands. Drop back in bowl drizzle a little EV olive oil on top. Cover bowl with plastic wrap. Let dough double or triple in volume at least 1 hour. Spray preforated pizza pan with non stick. Take dough out and place on pan gently dimple it out and stretch gently to make a flat round about 3/4 inch thick. Put lots of dimples in the surface with your fingertips. Dough will be soft and poofy like a marshmallow. Grind over the Pizza spices well and plenty to taste. Preheat oven 375 F. Let dough rise on pan 20 min while oven preheats. Arrange slices fresh mozzarella, add grated cheeses and a little more parsley flake and a little more olive oil on top. Bake 20 min. until the cheese just begins to blister brown and the edges look nice. Let Cool 8 min before slicing for the steam to settle the inside makes it more delicious. Serve wedges with Marinara, Campari, or Bruschetta tomato dipping sauce.

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Submitted By: William Bohannon of Memphis, TN USA
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Original Source of Recipe: William Bohannon
Date Submitted: 6/13/2007 3:01:42 PM