Cracker Burgers(Tasty hamburger or cheeseburger with crisp texture)

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes
Number of Servings: 8

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2 lbs ground chuck or ground round
1/2 sleeve Saltine crackers
black pepper to taste
Tablespoon vegetable oil
Sliced American cheese
8 Hamburger buns

Directions:  I like to use aluminum foil for easy clean up and a nice flat surface. Use palms of your hand to crush up one sleeve saltine crackers. This will have fine pieces and tiny pieces of crackers. Add teaspoon pepper with cracker mix. Pat out (2lbs. for 8 patties) hamburger patties adding salt and pepper to taste. Pat patties out flatter than usual and press patties onto cracker/pepper mix. Heat tablespoon oil and fry hamburger patties. After the patties have been flipped the first time, top patty with cheese and the top of the hamburger bun, placing the bottom of the hamburger bun in your skillet. Usally by the time the cheese begins to melt your hamburgers are ready to come off. Then top with lettuce, tomato, etc...

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Submitted By: Kim Middlebrooks of Benton, AR
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Original Source of Recipe: James Middlebrooks
Date Submitted: 3/3/2007 10:50:07 AM